Make a difference by choosing to go solar as we do with our Solar panels in Brisbane.

We are SFR electrical and solar services; we have empowered hundreds of businesses and households to generate their own clean and green solar energy for over 30 years with our best-in-class Solar panels in Brisbane.

We know making a switch to solar panels from the electricity grid is never easy. But we are here to make it a cakewalk for you right from consultation to installation to repair and maintenance.

What services do we offer?

Solar Panels Installation

Installing roof-top solar panels for any commercial or residential set-ups is not as straightforward as buying and fitting. As one of the most experienced Solar panel installers in Brisbane, we only trust our in-house team of electricians, engineers, and project managers to provide all our clients with the best consultation. Also, we partner with top–of–the–line brands to ensure the best quality components and proven performance out of your solar power system.

You also do not have to stress about how messy the site will be after installation because we help you install the panels quickly without major disruption of your routine tasks and then leave the site squeaky-clean.

Our team of solar panel installers in Brisbane and solar panel installers in the North Gold Coast are well-qualified professionals recognized by Clean Energy Council. It marks the excellence of the training our people have undertaken to design and install the solar panels in Queensland.

To protect our consumers’ interest, we provide a 5 years warranty on installation services, a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty on our products, and a 30 years warranty on our solar products.  

Solar panel maintenance, Solar panel cleaning, and Solar panel repairs in Brisbane

Underperforming and broken down solar panels can be worse than not having the solar panels at all. There are many reasons for solar panel failure and you need professional and experienced technicians to diagnose accurately and fix them for you. As a leading solar repair in Brisbane, you can count on us for our comprehensive system of repair solar panels. Our technicians have years of experience across all types of inverters and can fix the issue quickly.

Although perfectly installed solar panels function neatly with little intervention, our professional help in solar panel maintenance, and solar panel cleaning is advisable for your system to be at the top of the game.  Our testing and analysis with professional equipment ensure the best condition of your solar panels in diverse weather and thus revive the efficiency of your solar power system.

Why solar panels in Brisbane?

  • Savings on electricity bills. Our experts will guide you on exactly how much you may save with Solar panels in Brisbane.
  • Value addition to your property.
  • Brand building is a sustainable business in the eye of the customers.
  • Carbon footprint reduction and environment protection.


What are solar panels?

They are a collection of solar cells that spread over a large area to convert solar energy into electricity. The more panels you install, the more energy you can expect to receive during favorable weather.

Are all panels the same?

No, they have different cell types and cell arrangements. Residential-sized panels are, generally, 60-celled, smaller, and lighter than 72-celled commercial-sized solar panels.

Confused about which one is right for you? Our solar installers in Brisbane will work with you to find the ideal match for your property.

What is the role of an inverter?

Its job is to convert DC electricity produced by solar panels into AC electricity, a usable form. It is most likely that the inverter fails in the first 10 to 15 years because of the wear-out. Hence, opting for a high-end brand will never disappoint you.

Inverter emergency? Contact our solar electrician and get the best electrical services in Brisbane and North Gold Coast.

How do I measure the amount of electricity consumed?

Consumption monitor measures the amount of electricity coming from or going to the grid. It is the best way to keep a tab on energy consumption and save on your electricity bill.

How will solar electricity be used in my business or home?

When the consumption is less than the generated energy, the surplus goes into the electricity grid, and your retailer pays you the feed-in-tariff for each kilowatt-hour of energy exported. On the flip side, if you are drawing more power than generated by solar panels then the excess requirement is fulfilled by the grid.

How many panels should I buy?

As a seasoned Solar company in Queensland, we say, as many as allowed by your budget, roof size, and local electricity network.

More panels mean more energy to power your property in the morning, winters, and overcast times. It is bad advice if someone tells you the number of solar panels you should get based on an average of daily consumption.

We do not believe in “buy small and save money” because that does not give optimum results. If you get a lot more extra energy during peak hours or winters then adding more panels to your system for a couple of grands makes a lot of sense. Plus, you will be proud of your decision of getting a big solar power system later as electric cars and batteries will become commonplace shortly.

What is the cost of solar panels in Brisbane?

It varies based on the size, make of panels, location, type of inverter, and any extra electrical work.

We guide on Brisbane solar rebate through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, with our small-scale technology certificates. We strongly recommend you to sign up for our special packages and save money on installation and ongoing services too. We also offer upfront prices.

Where are we?

Ready to switch to solar panels for energy independence?

Great!!! We span the length and the breadth of Brisbane and North gold coast, Queensland.

Our experts are just one call away to design the best solar power system for your property. We will be delighted to visit your commercial or residential site to study the unique aspects of orientation, the position of sunlight, roof dimensions, etc. to give you customized design that extracts the most out of your solar power installations.


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