Need solar installers in Brisbane and North Gold Coast? Then, you can count on SFR Electrical for expert installation services with reasonable pricing and guaranteed workmanship.

If you are considering making the switch to a solar power system, then you don’t have to go anywhere else. SFR Electrical has a team of qualified and experienced solar panel installers and experts to ensure the best possible installation services and solutions. Call our friendly experts for free, no-obligation consultancy and get a quick quote.

Solar Panel Installation

SFR Electrical is one of Brisbane’s leading solar companies, having a staff of fully trained installers that have experience working with a range of commercial and residential environments to provide expert solar panel installation across Queensland.

Some of the major benefits of our solar panel installation services include:

  • Meeting Australian standards
  • Top-quality and high-impact solar products
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Quick customer response and emergency service

Expert Solar Panel Installation Services in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Looking for the best solar panel installers in your area? You’ve come to the right place. At SFR Electrical, we have access to a huge network of accredited solar installers across Queensland. Whether you are in Brisbane or North Gold Coast – we are likely to have a solar panel installation specialist near you.

We provide solar panel installation services to residential, commercial, and off-grid properties. Here at SFR Electrical, our highly skilled and experienced professionals ensure quick and safe installation without causing any slightest interruption to your busy lifestyle. Our experts will suggest you the best solar power system based on your current electricity consumption to meet your energy needs today and into the future.

Our Team of CEC Accredited Solar Installers

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is an independent body representing Australia’s clean energy sector. CEC provides training and accreditation in industry best practice standards to produce safe, reliable, and high-performing solar power systems.  This CEC accreditation recognizes individual solar power system designers, electricians, and installers who have undertaken training that involves designing and installation of solar panels, batteries, inverter, hot water systems, and other renewable energy systems.

At SFR Electrical, all of our solar installers have CEC accreditation. That means our team has demonstrated its competence in installing and designing solar PV systems adhering to industry standards and all relevant Australian standards. So, when you choose our installation services, you will get access to our team of highly qualified, professional solar electricians, installers, and designers who will support you at every stage of the process from design & quotation to post-completion documentation.

SFR Electrical Offers Broad Range of Solar Power Systems

SFR Electrical offers the deployment of a broad range of residential and commercial solar power systems. So, if you’re a homeowner, a small business owner, or the manager of a large enterprise looking for installing a renewable energy system, you can give us a call to discuss your needs.

After analyzing your current energy bills, our experts will suggest the perfect solar power system for you. 6.6 kW solar system is our smallest residential offering and goes up to 15kW system. With our qualified solar electricians, we also provide the installation of hybrid solar systems that involves setting up hybrid inverters and batteries.

We provide installation of larger systems from 30 kW to 100kW for businesses belonging to various industries. No matter which size you choose, we design each solar system for optimal conversion. Besides, all the solar panels we use are weather-resistant and meet the demands of the harsh Australian climate.

Avail Affordable and Protected Solar Installation Services in Queensland

SFR Electrical is one of the prominent solar companies in Queensland that makes sure that you are not burdened by the full cost of solar system installation. Our ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction by offering the best value for money. All the solar panels and other products we use are approved by CEC to ensure a top-performing solar system. CEC-approved products also allow you to recoup a percentage of installation costs through various government rebate programs.

At SFR Electrical, we also offer consumer protection on our solar products and installation services. We provide the best in class 5 year warranty on our installation services and workmanship and a 10-12 year manufacturer’s warranty on our products. We understand how important long-term performance is to our clients, so we provide all our customers with a lengthy 25-year performance warranty on our solar panels.

Why Choose Us?

Free Initial Consultation:

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Customer-centric design to meet your requirements:

Every solar system design we build is customized to meet individual client’s needs·

Best customer service to ease your solar experience:

Our team delivers a great customer experience by providing consistent support throughout the process


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