Require solar maintenance services or repairs in Brisbane or North Gold Coast?  You can count on SFR Electrical for carrying out a detailed and regular maintenance check-up to ensure your solar system is working perfectly.

Do you think that your solar power system has stopped working the way it should or is not saving you on energy bills? Then, hold on. We can help you with our top-notch solar servicing. SFR Electrical will help you identify and fix your solar system’s issues to maximize savings on your power bills. Request a call back from our solar electrician to discuss your needs.

Solar Panel Maintenance Services and Repairs

SFR Electrical is one of Brisbane’s leading solar companies offering superior solar panel maintenance services and repairs with a team of accredited technicians and solar electricians to help you identify and fix the underlying causes of your under-performing PV system.

What makes our solar panel maintenance and repair services stand out from other solar companies?

  • Site inspection and wiring tests
  • Solar performance testing
  • Detailed service report
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Assistance with product recalls, warranty, and insurance claims
  • Expert advice on safety improvement
  • Maximum savings on energy bills

Why Do You Need To Maintain Your Solar Panel System?

Solar power systems are generally low-maintenance and work smoothly without any intervention. However, professional maintenance at regular intervals is required to ensure your solar power system is operating safely, correctly, and efficiently. Many reasons may compromise the performance of your system. Besides, without an annual safety check, insurers may withhold or refuse payment.

Most components of solar power systems are exposed to direct sunlight over a prolonged period, especially plastic ones such as DC isolators. In some rare cases, there have been reported fires due to water ingress. This makes regular solar panel maintenance and solar repairs essential for home and business owners to prevent hazardous situations.Site inspection and wiring tests

Moisture seepage, dust build-up, debris, vermin, hail, and wind can all cause damage or deterioration to the energy production efficiency of your solar panels. So, regular maintenance is important to maintain maximum energy-generating efficiency over the years. Professional servicing is also necessary to keep your system up to date with Australia’s peak regulatory body standards.

Your Trusted Partner for Solar Maintenance and Repairs in Brisbane and Gold Coast

Looking to get your solar power system serviced or repaired? You’ve come to the right place. SFR Electrical is your trusted partner for solar maintenance and repair services in Queensland. With our accredited and experienced solar electricians and experts, we offer servicing and solar repairs for both home and business environments. Whether you’re in Brisbane or North Gold Coast–we are likely to have a solar technician near you to carry out maintenance tasks.

SFR Electrical offers comprehensive analysis to ensure your solar system is working to its optimal capacity and is safe for your family or business. For maintenance purposes, we test solar system operations, check DC isolators, inverter, wiring and other components for safety, and locate any faults or safety issues. For solar repairs, our qualified solar electricians fix your solar power issues after running an accurate diagnosis for your system.

Accredited and Experienced Solar Electricians You Can Rely On

SFR Electrical is a renowned electrical and solar company that provides top-quality and expert solar panel repairs and solar panel maintenance in Queensland. All the solar technicians at SFR Electrical have CEC (Clean Energy Council) accreditation. This means our technicians have proved their competence in conducting routine solar tests and efficiency audits adhering to the high Australian standards while also taking recommended safety measures.

As a part of our solar panel repair and maintenance services, our qualified and experienced technicians will visit your property. They will check your solar panels for any sort of defects that can cause reduced efficiency, like fractures, moisture, and corrosion. They will also make sure your solar system is working correctly and safely by inspecting all the wirings, conduits, insulations, connections, seals, clamps, and more.

Avail Insured and Protected Solar System Servicing and Repairs in Queensland

SFR Electrical as a solar panel repair and maintenance partner is a guarantee of unparalleled quality, reliability, and commitment for a lifetime. All the services we offer are covered by relevant insurance. It is frustrating enough receiving a huge power bill only to find out that your solar system has failed. That’s why we aim to deliver customer satisfaction and peace of mind by helping you get your system working again.

If you are worried that some part of your solar system may have been recalled or you’ve been hearing noises out of your inverter, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team of experienced solar technicians will happily guide you through each step of the warranty and insurance claim process. That too regardless of your panel brand and original installers.

Our Solar Maintenance Services and Solar Repairs

  • Site inspection for cleanliness on and around solar panels
  • Checking PV modules for defects or signs of deterioration
  • Ensuring PV array mounting and fixtures are tight and secure
  • Verifying integrity and tightness of wiring and connections
  • Inspecting all AC, DC isolators and fuses for correct operation and functionality
  • Solar rail and panel earth check
  • Ensuring junction boxes and isolator enclosure are free from water ingress
  • Anti-islanding test of solar inverter

Common Solar System Failures We Help Repair

  • Water seepage into DC isolators
  • Melted/burnt or cracked solar panels or cells inside the glass
  • Burnt/melted DC solar wiring under the panels
  • Melted DC isolator
  • Corrosion inside the glass on solar cells
  • The faulty solar inverter of different brands


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