General Electrical Services

As an electrical company, we offer a wide range of electrical services, including lighting installations, home automation, and entertainment system setup. If you are looking for tag and test services, repairs, and rewiring for your home or office premises, our expert electricians can do that too. We also provide electrical services for new homes such as safety switches, security lighting, power points, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Solar Panel Installation

SFR electrical is one of the leading solar panel installers in Brisbane, providing safe, reliable and high-performing solar panel installation. Our CEC accredited solar installers, designers, and technicians use only CEC-approved products, components and technology for delivering long-lasting solar power systems that work at their optimum for decades.

Lighting Service

We offer a broad variety of comprehensive and quality lighting products with exceptional support and services including product support, lighting design, lighting installation, maintenance and repairs. Apart from interior lighting décor, we offer outdoor lighting and emergency lighting fixtures.

Lighting Supplies

SFR Electrical works with partners worldwide, to bring you a complete lighting range. Among others, we supply architectural, wall, outdoor, commercial, LED, and downlighting. Our lighting products are of superior quality and come with a generous manufacturer warranty.

Solar Panel Cleaning

SFR Electrical is your go-to solar panel cleaning service provider in Brisbane. We offer professional solar cleaning services with the right equipment and special distilled and de-ionized water. With the help of our experts who have experience working on any type of roof, you can maintain maximum energy output and increase the lifespan of your solar panels.

Solar Panel Maintenance & Repairs

We offer superior quality solar panel maintenance service and solar panel repairs in Brisbane. We will help you identify and fix the causes of your under-performing solar system. As a part of our solar panel maintenance and solar repairs, our accredited technicians and solar electricians will carry out a bunch of tasks, including site inspection, wiring tests, repairing of DC isolators, inverters and burnt solar panels, and more.

A Job Well Done

Expertise, professionalism, prompt service as well as competitive pricing. Whatever your requirements, we will handle it all to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the quality. We are tidy, reliable and carry out our electrical work in your premises with very minimal disruption to your work or lifestyle. Whether you are looking for new electrical installations or even electrical upgrades, you can count on us to offer it all for your residential and commercial properties.


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