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Through 30+ years of experience and a commitment to sustainable solar energy solutions, we help you enjoy the full benefits of home solar by driving ROI and minimising your power bill.

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When It Comes to Solar Installation, One Size Does Not Fit All.

A new solar installation at your Brisbane home is a great way to save money, step back from the stress of rising electricity prices, and play your part in the green revolution… as long as you choose the right system.

Unless your solar system is sized carefully to meet your specific energy needs, you can end up paying more than you need to or generating less power than you hoped.

At SFR Electrical, our experts analyse your bills to offer an accurate home energy solution based on your usage with zero obligation (but huge cost-saving potential). Whether we’re taking into account your energy requirements, roof, orientation or all of the above, our friendly local team delivers a great customer experience by providing consistent support throughout the process.

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Save Money on Your Electric Bills by Installing Solar Panels at Home

10kw solar system
6.6kw solar system
Perfect For
330W Mono Tier 1 Solar Panels (in #)
Dual String Solar Inverter (in kW)
Savings up to (annually)
Most Family Homes
Most Spacious Homes

Get the Best Deal on Solar

6.6kW Solar

Our 6.6kW solar system makes an ideal match for moderate-sized families looking for the most reliable residential solar power systems.

10kW Solar

Our powerful 10kW solar system empowers you to harness solar energy for your large family or even small business with utmost efficiency.

Hybrid Solar

A hybrid solar system combines solar panels with energy storage to harness and store excess energy and ensure a continuous power supply.

Don’t Take Risks with Your Solar Panel Installation Team

In life (and solar system installation) you get what you pay for. A bargain-basement price can feel tempting, but this can lead to shortcuts in installation quality and standard. 

Cheap solar power installations might save $1,000 in installation costs… but cost you many times more in poor energy production, a shortened system lifespan, and full system replacements that push your household budget to the brink.

At SFR Electrical, we understand the need to stay on top of household costs, without sacrificing quality. That’s why our solar installation service starts by getting to know you and your needs, so you can enjoy maximum renewable energy savings without unnecessary costs.

We've Got Your Back Now (and in the Future)

  • 25 Year Performance Warranty
  • 10 Year Workmanship Warranty
  • 5 Year Solar Inverter Warranty
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With over 30+ years of experience working in the electrical industry, SFR Electrical have been installing solar since 2009. As Queensland’s most trusted solar retailers and installers, we’re proud to provide superior quality solar panel installations for both, commercial and residential environments across Brisbane, North Gold Coast and beyond.

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