It is a solar system connected to a grid with battery backup. The most incredible feature of this system is its resilience. All the excess energy generated by solar panels is stored in a battery rather than feeding into the grid. The stored energy can be used later in the evening or at night, eliminating  

the need to buy it at higher retailers’ rates.

In case of a grid failure or blackouts, with our hybrid solar system, you will still be able to light your house and certain appliances from the bank of stored energy.

Suppose you are consuming more electricity than the stored amount in the

battery. In that case, you can still draw electricity from your connected grid until your solar system produces the electricity again. This gives the user continuous power and relief from buying electrical power from the grid which eventually increases in electricity bill.


  • Solar Panels – To harness and convert solar energy into DC electricity.
  • Solar inverter – To convert DC electricity into usable AC form.
  • Battery- Bank to store energy or later use
  • Inverter charger – To charge the battery from solar energy or the grid, or both, and to supply power to your appliances from the battery.


How do Hybrid Solar System work?

Hybrid solar system’s rooftop panels produce solar energy, which is used to power your appliances. The excess power from the panels is directed to charge the battery until it is fully charged. If the panels continue to generate power, the extra power flows back to the grid at your current feed-in tariff rates.

When the sunlight diminishes and panels cease to generate any more power, the energy stored in your battery will take over to run your appliances. In the worst-case scenario, if the battery backup is over and there is no sunlight, you draw power from the grid.

How can I use my stored electricity if there is a power cut?

To get the added benefit of using stored solar energy, all you need to have is an Emergency Power Supply (EPS) device. So, in case, there is a blackout, the batteries will give you uninterrupted power with EPS.

With SFR electrical’s Hybrid solar system packages, we also offer EPS devices based on your requirements.

How can a Hybrid Solar system help me minimize my electricity bills?

You can save money with a Hybrid solar system by balancing the usage of solar energy and grid power with the help of a battery, and you will minimize your dependence on grid electricity that you have to buy at much higher prices.

SFR’s customized hybrid solar systems are engineered excellently to empower you to control and minimize, in some cases even cancel your power bills.

What is the cost of a Hybrid solar system?

The cost of a hybrid solar power system, irrespective of its power output capacity, will cost you about three times higher than its on-grid counterpart because of the battery. A battery-ready system comes with a hybrid inverter wherein a new battery can directly fit into the system. These systems are slightly more expensive.

Also, the Hybrid system’s installation is a bit more complex than the conventional installations, which further add up to the total cost. Nonetheless, if the price is not your primary concern, then fostering your residential solar system with a battery is a lucrative option, given its benefits.

Moreover, considering the surge in solar power technology, a Hybrid solar system is rightly touted as the future of efficient renewable energy technology. And there is little doubt that its cost is not going down shortly.

What is a Hybrid inverter?

It is a battery-based inverter that combines two components: a solar inverter and a battery inverter, to a hybrid solar system. With a solar system combined with a hybrid inverter, a separate battery inverter is not needed as the inverter itself acts as both inverter and battery.

How do I select an appropriate battery for my Hybrid solar system?

Well, various factors affect your choice of battery:

The first is its storage capacity. With a wide range in size, from 3kw to 15kW, selecting the correct battery size is guided by your expected energy consumption and, of course, your budget. We recommend you start with a small-sized battery first and then adding more if required.

The second factor is the battery type. Although each type comes with its disadvantages, you can decide based on your unique needs and circumstances. For instance, lithium-ion is a high-end battery compared to lead-acid batteries, but they are more advanced and long-lasting than the latter. Also, lead-acid batteries are heavier and space-consuming.

Last, the life-cycle and warranty of batteries will also help you find your ideal match. Get in touch with our solar experts who can help you find the battery that is best for you.

Who are we?

SFR Electrical is a leading solar power company with the highly competent initial consultation and design skills to install and post-installation support in a Hybrid solar system. As CEC accredited solar power providers, we have worked closely with hundreds of families to produce their own clean energy with confidence.

With a long-standing experience of diverse projects, our highly proficient engineers and installers design customized solutions at cost-effective prices. Our Hybrid solar system carries a 25-year performance warranty, ten-year manufacturer’s warranty, and 5-year warranty on workmanship.

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