50kW Solar System


Make your business environment friendly with a solar power system medium size 50kW

A 50KW solar power system can cover the needs of most medium-large business operations in Australia.

We have access to the most advanced Tier 1 solar technology available, which provides high conversion efficiency and low maintenance costs. With tier 1 solar panels in an efficient layout and a sturdy 50KW solar inverter, our 50KW solar package provides consistent and dependable power for every aspect of your business.

We take pleasure in our solid reputation as Brisbane's top provider of commercial solar. If you’re looking for a great deal on 50 kW solar power systems, contact us.

Solar Installation

More about 50kW Solar Power System

Salient 50kW solar system characteristics

Long-term performance, resilient solar panels

Solar components and installations authorized by CEC for optimal efficiency

Optimum output high-grade inverter.

Reliable installation and maintenance in Brisbane and Queensland with 50 kW solar energy system assistance

The best pricing for solar power 50kW

The solar system comes with panels, an inverter, a mounting kit, fast installation, and a grid connection. The solar panels are of reputed brand, highly efficient, tier 1 solar module, and with local Australian support. The inverter has a proven track record and optional online monitoring facilities. The mounting kit is equipped with a flexible roof mounting solution, and available in different varieties such as tin, tile, and clip lock. It is anodized and corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and easily installable by an electrician. The solar installation will be done by a CEC accredited electrician, who is professionally trained for these types of solar installations, and who has significant experience in the same field.


Some technical specifications for Power System of Solar 20 kW includes

Solar Panels

152 x 330 Watt Mono Half-Cell Solar Panels (Tier-1)

Solar Inverter

European inverter manufactured by a reputable company and recommended by CEC-accredited technicians.

Mounting & Electrical Kits

Mounting & Electric kits in accordance with the Australian standards


How many solar panels will 50kW systems have?

A 50kW Solar Power System is best suited for medium to large-scale commercial or industrial applications. Industries that need to run various machineries, electronic tools, and gadgets simultaneously can benefit from a 50kW Solar Power System.

A 50kW Solar Power System includes 167 x 300w or 152 x 330w solar panels and a 50kW inverter.

What is the 50 kW Solar Power System average payback period?

A 50kW Solar Power System's average payback period might range from 3 to 5 years. The payback period is determined by a few things including usage during daylight hours and the type of electrical equipment used in the office or shed.

What do Solar Power Systems cost for 50 kW?

For a conventional metropolitan installation, a 50kW Solar Power System will cost between $35000 and $45000. A typical metro installation is completed in a metro area on a standard height property. The cost of a 50kW Solar Power System will vary depending on the location and height of its installation. The distributor's application fee will also apply. A large system capacity, some additional safety equipment, such as a grid protection relay, may be necessary, as suggested by the distributor, and will be charged in addition to the price of the solar system.

How much roof space does a 50 kW solar system need?

A 330w solar panel has dimensions of 1.675m X 1m, meaning it will take up around 1.675 square meters of space. Total 152 such panels will take up approximately 255 square metres of space. It is wise to consider an additional bit of space depending on the roof type, roof dimension, and panel capacity. As a result, approximately 260-300 square metres of the area will be required to instal a 50kW Solar Power System.

How much can I expect to save from a solar power system of 50 kW?

With the dramatic decrease in the cost of solar power systems in recent years, an increasing number of businesses are turning to solar power to minimise their overhead expenditures. When compared to smaller systems, 50kW solar systems benefit from economies of scale and are less expensive in terms of per watt pricing. This encourages enterprises to choose a 50kW system to have a better return on investment than a lower system size.

A 50kW Solar Power System for your business is regarded as a long-term investment that can produce results for the next 10-15 years. The electrical grid in Brisbane is one of the most expensive in the world. For keeping your business premises energised 24 hours a day, the traditional grid may not be the most cost-effective option. A 50kW Solar Power System is helpful for your business because it significantly cuts your electricity expenditures while also reducing your reliance on grid power.

Installing a 50kW Solar Power System allows you to be independent of increasing electricity costs and control your overheads to a large extent. Depending on the energy tariff and consumption habits, a 50kW Solar Power System is estimated to save between $15000 and $20000 per year.

How much energy is a 50kW solar power system going to generate?

Annually, a typical 50kW Solar Power System is expected to produce between 200kW and 220kW every day. A solar power system's production can be affected by factors such as the property's location, the shadow cast by trees and buildings around it, the climatic condition, the weather condition, the orientation of the panels, wear and tear, and so on.

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