30kW Solar System


Make your business environment friendly with a solar power system medium size 30kW

Solar power is widely recognized as a straightforward and efficient solution to cut CO2 emissions and power charges, but not all solar panel systems are the same. Some are not intended to cope with the heat in areas like Brisbane, Queensland and so on, and others do not function particularly well. Poor performance will reduce your system’s sustainability and financial return. You can best safeguard your investment by choosing high-quality, life-saving solar equipment in Brisbane from us at SFR Electrical.

Our 30KW solar system solution fulfills the company and enterprise owners’ requirements in Australia. It is efficient, climate-resilient and able to meet day-to-day power requirements. The 30 kW solar power system also has the calibre to deliver optimal production efficiently for large-scale business activities. You will not only save on electricity bills but you have the added benefit of being a green business operator and can earn a good reputation as an environmentally friendly organization.

Solar Installation

More about 30kW Solar Power System

Salient 30kW solar system characteristics

Long-term performance, resilient solar panels

Solar components and installations authorized by CEC for optimal efficiency

Optimum output high-grade inverter.

Reliable installation and maintenance in Brisbane and Queensland with 30 kW solar energy system assistance

Best price for a 30kW solar power system in Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

The solar system comes with panels, an inverter, a mounting kit, fast installation, and a grid connection. The solar panels are of reputed brand, highly efficient, tier 1 solar module, and with local Australian support. The inverter has a proven track record and optional online monitoring facilities. The mounting kit is equipped with a flexible roof mounting solution, and available in different varieties such as tin, tile, and clip lock. It is anodized and corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and easily installable by an electrician. The solar installation will be done by a CEC accredited electrician, who is professionally trained for these types of solar installations, and who has significant experience in the same field.


Some technical specifications for Power System of Solar 20 kW includes

Solar Panels

High-quality Monocrystalline Solar Panels (Tier-1)

Solar Inverter

A reputable manufacturer’s 30kW inverter that is approved by CEC-accredited technicians.

Mounting & Electrical Kits

Mounting & Electric kits in accordance with the Australian standards


How many solar panels will 30kW systems have?

Our 30kW Solar Power System is capable of producing optimal output for large-scale commercial activities efficiently. Not only will you save money on energy costs, but you will also be able to project yourself as a green business operator, bringing your company long-term goodwill.

With a high-quality 30kW inverter and 132 X 300w or 120 X 330w solar panels, you effectively get a 39.6 kW solar power system at very affordable prices.

What is the 30 kW Solar Power System average payback period?

A 30kW Solar Power System’s average payback period might range from 3 to 5 years. The payback period is determined by a few things including usage during daylight hours and the type of electrical equipment used in the office or shed.

What do Solar Power Systems cost for 30 kW?

A typical 30kW Solar Power System will cost between $22000 and $27000 for a standard metropolitan installation. A standard metro installation comprises installing a metro system on a single-story house with a tin roof in a metro area. The cost of a 30kW Solar Power System will vary depending on whether it is installed on a high shed or on a flat area.

The cost of a typical 30kW Solar Power System will also vary depending on the brand of panels and inverter used.

How much roof space does a 30 kW solar system need?

A 330w solar panel has dimensions of 1.675m X 1m, meaning it will take up around 1.675 square meters of space. A total of 120 such panels will take up approximately 201 square meters of space. It is generally advisable to remember to take an additional bit of space depending on the roof type, roof dimension, and panel capacity. As a result, around 210-225 square meters of the area will be required to install a 30kW Solar Power System.

How much can I expect to save from a solar power system of 30 kW?

A 30kW Solar Power System for your business is regarded as a long-term investment that can produce results over the next 10-15 years. The electrical grid in Brisbane is one of the most expensive in the world. When it comes to keeping your business premises energised 24 hours a day, the traditional grid may not be the most cost-effective option. A 30kW Solar Power System is advantageous for your business because it significantly cuts your electricity expenditures while also reducing your reliance on grid power.

If you consume the whole power generated by the solar system and have an average daily power generation of 120kW per day and pay a 25c tariff to your electricity supplier, a 30kW Solar Power System can help you save $30 per day. In this circumstance, your annual savings will be approximately $10950.

How much energy is a 30kW solar power system going to generate?

On an annual basis, a typical 30kW Solar Power System is estimated to generate between 120kW and 132kW every day. A solar power system’s production can be affected by factors such as the property’s location, the shadow cast by trees and buildings around it, the climatic condition, the weather condition, the orientation of the panels, wear and tear, and so on.

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