20kW Solar System


Make your business environment friendly with a solar power system medium size 20kW

We understand the expanding energy demands of companies as one of Brisbane's best-selling solar system providers. 20kW is a smart investment for modest to large companies. A Solar power system has a normal reimbursement time of about 3-5 years mostly. A 20kW solar system uses around 134 m2 of space. We have developed a heavy-duty commercial solar panel system based on market research and user input, which can give a continued power output of up to 20 kWh.

A 20kW solar system system system comprises eighty monocrystalline tier-1 panels with a power output of up to 90kWh and a 20kW solar converter, which saves an annual electricity cost for your business, up to $7300*. Higher quality inverters and solar panels ensure that this energy source is stable and economical for enterprises requiring continual electricity. Contact us immediately to find the lowest price of a 20kW solar energy system. So, why wait any further? Go green today with our 20kW solar energy system.

Solar Installation

More about 20kW Solar Power System

Salient 20kW solar system characteristics

Long-term performance, resilient solar panels

Solar components and installations authorized by CEC for optimal efficiency

Optimum output high-grade inverter.

Reliable installation and maintenance in Brisbane and Queensland with 20 kW solar energy system assistance

The best pricing for solar power 20kW

The solar system comes with panels, an inverter, a mounting kit, fast installation, and a grid connection. The solar panels are of reputed brand, highly efficient, tier 1 solar module, and with local Australian support. The inverter has a proven track record and optional online monitoring facilities. The mounting kit is equipped with a flexible roof mounting solution, and available in different varieties such as tin, tile, and clip lock. It is anodized and corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and easily installable by an electrician. The solar installation will be done by a CEC accredited electrician, who is professionally trained for these types of solar installations, and who has significant experience in the same field.


Some technical specifications for Power System of Solar 20 kW includes

Solar Panels

80 to 1330 Watts Monocrystalline high-quality solar panels (Tier-1)

Solar Inverter

20 kW by a renowned company and suggested by CEC-accredited engineers

Mounting & Electrical Kits

Mounting & Electric kits in accordance with the Australian standards


How many solar panels will 20kW systems have?

We understand the growing needs of managing companies. A fantastic investment for small and large firms is our 20kW Solar Power Systems. You can receive 26,4 kW solar energy at a very competitive price with a high-quality 20kW inverter and 88 X 300w solar panels, which will be installed by a solar electrician near you.

What is the average payback period for a 20 kW Solar Power System?

An average 20 kW Solar Power System payback duration might range from 3 to 5 years anywhere. The payback time is decided by a few things, such as its usage during daylight hours, the sort of electrical appliance used in the office or shed, and so on.

What is the cost of installing a 20 kW Solar Power system?

For a regular metropolitan installation for a city like Brisbane, a typical 20kW solar power system price will vary from $15000 to $18000. The standard subway system has a single storey building with a tin roof in a subway region. For regional installations and installations on high sheds, the price of a 20 kW solar power system will vary. Depending on the panel brand or the inverter, the typical 20kW solar system pricing will also vary.

How much roof space is required to install a 20 kW solar system?

The size of a 330w panel is 1,675m X 1m and so it usually takes up around 1,675 sqm. The overall area of 80 such panels will be about 134 sqm. It is always recommendable to calculate for an extra bit of space, depending on the roof type, roof dimension and panel capacity. A 20kW Solar Power System needs around 140-150 sqm of space for installation.

How much can I expect to save from a 20 kW solar power system?

A 20kW solar energy system is a benefit to your business because it significantly decreases your electricity expenses and also minimises your energy supply dependence on the grid. The average lifecycle of a solar energy system is a long-lasting investment between 10-15 years. With average daily electricity of 80 kW per day and the assumption that you pay a tariff of 20 cents, a 20kW solar power plant can help you save 20 dollars a day if you use the entire solar system's electricity. Your savings in this example are about $7300 each month.

How much energy is a 20kW solar power system going to generate?

A typically 20 kW solar power system should provide about 80 kW–88 kW a day with an average annual output. The output of a solar system may also rely on a variety of elements such as location, the shadow of trees or buildings, weather conditions, alignment of panels, wear and tear .


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