10kW Solar System



SFR Electricals’ powerful 10kW solar power system empowers you to harness solar energy for your large family or even small business with utmost efficiency. Our 10kW solar system in Brisbane would be an ideal choice for your much-needed capacity of energy generation along with cost-effectiveness.

We ensure that you get the best potential return on your solar investment. Our solar panels have a performance warranty of 25 years and workmanship warranty for 10 years. Additionally, you also get a 5 years warranty on the solar inverter.

Just because your household’s energy consumption is higher, it should not hold you back from going solar. Find your solar solution with SFR Electrical’s 10 kW solar system in Brisbane.

Some technical specifications for a 10kW Solar system:

  • Solar Panels: 40 X 330W Mono-Crystalline Tier 1 Solar panel
  • Inverter- 1 X 8kW
  • Mounting and Electrical Kits as per Australian Standards


Our package of 10kW residential solar systems in Brisbane offers excellent value for money. Along with the high-efficiency 7.5kW inverter, it typically generates around 40kWh – 44kWh of electricity per day. The module is composed of 40 Tier-1 Mono-Crystalline solar panels which promise to meet your energy demands irrespective of the weather. The average dimension of the panels is about 1.69 m X 1m. Thus, a 40 solar panel system will occupy a roof area of 67m2. 

You can be rest assured about the solar panels’ performance thanks to the 25 year linear performance warranty and an unparalleled solar panel installation and maintenance support by our dedicated team. You can expect to save up to $3650 annually, depending on your electricity retailer, panel orientation and daytime energy usage!! 


The solar inverter is a vital component of your solar system; the quality and safety of the power generated by the solar panels are influenced by your choice of inverter. Hence, we make sure to provide only high-quality inverters with a capacity to optimize the power generation under different conditions.

The 10kW solar system in Brisbane is coupled with a 1 X 7.5Kw dual string solar inverter. With an optional online monitoring app, the graphic representation and performance of your solar panels and the power output of the system would be at your fingertips.

All our electrical fixtures carry class IP 65 ratings. They are suitable for outdoor uses and offer a greater protection level in a dusty and wet environment. The racking system is manufactured from superior grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium. And, with its premium quality standards, our clients have little to complain about.

CEC accredited Solar electricians who are rigorously trained in this field perform the installation.


Why a 10kW solar system in Brisbane?

Because a big household like yours has big power demand, a commonly seen electricity budget of large houses or small businesses on average is $800 or more.

So, if your daily energy consumption is around 20kWh or if you are using reverse cycle air conditioning or if your roof size is big enough to hold a 67 m2 solar panel or simply if you are economically ready to make a bigger investment economic, a 10kw solar system could be an apt solution.

What is the average payback period for a 10kW solar system in Brisbane?

The payback period of a 10kW residential solar system, somewhere between 3 to 5 years is determined for an individual household by a lot of factors such as daylight hours and the energy efficiency of electrical appliances used in the house. 

The most practical approach to shorten your payback period would be to maximize solar power consumption. Because, although the current feed-in tariff ranges as low as 6 c to 15 c for every kWh of electricity, you pay four times the feed-in tariff for every kWh of electricity you draw from the grid.

Harness maximum solar energy for your daytime usage, draw less electricity from the grid, and reduce the payback period.

Do I get a benefit of a government rebate for a 10kW solar system in Brisbane?

Yes, Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) - the solar rebate program by the Australian government offers huge incentives and rebates on residential solar systems, making solar energy popular among homeowners. 

The rebates are provided in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which you can trade for a discount on the system's price. However, the total rebate varies from state to state; states like Queensland, receiving higher sunlight, are eligible for higher rebates than those with lesser sunlight.

How much do 10kW Solar power Systems cost?

The price of a 10kW Solar power System is highly variable. It depends on the installations, type of house, rooftop, and most importantly, a brand of solar panels and inverter.

To get a personalised quote, get in touch with our team.

How much do I save on my electricity bills with the help of a 10kW Solar power System?

With an average power output of 40kW daily, if you are paying a 25 c tariff to your electricity retailer, you will save $10 daily and $3650 annually. This is the scenario when you use all the power that is generated by your solar system.

In contrast, if the total power generated by the solar system is not consumed, then the excess energy is channeled back to the grid, and you get a feed-in tariff at a rate of around 10c. Here, your annual savings will drop based on the amount of power sent back to the grid.

In a nutshell, you consume power and save 25c, and you do not consume power and save 10 c.

How to ensure the maximum energy output from my 10kW solar power system in Brisbane?

You can maximize the energy output and hence ROI of your solar investment by self-consumption. We also recommend solar panel cleaning and solar panel maintenance at least once a year.

And last but not the least, you can always trust the best solar panel installers in Brisbane, i.e. SFR Electrical.

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